Introducing Guest Blogger & Social Media Star Ivona Moore

Hi Everyone (I should really think of something more dramatic to catch you attention)!

First of all I’m delighted to write this blog post and so happy for you to read it. For those who don’t have any idea who I am, I better introduce myself. I’m a blogger and social media influencer who has far too many clothes and beauty products but always wears the same pair of jeans and scrapes that same shade of lipstick with a toothpick because every drop counts. I hope you can relate otherwise I should be greatly embarrassed for myself.

I loved fashion from a very young age, I used to spend hours flicking through endless racks in charity shops with my mum and my aunt who was my biggest role model. My most memorable weekends were at my granny‘s dressing room… yes she had a whole room for her clothes before it was even a thing! Most of them she sewed herself. Before you entered her dressing room you had to squeeze in through a tiny gap because the heavy checkered, fur and woolly coats and countless fedora hats were leaning against the entrance door. Once you done the limbo dance you were in paradise. I can still sense the stuffy earthy/wooden scents, see the sewing machine vividly on the left corner and the mirror peeking through on top of the enormous jewellery drawers. Dressing up and curling my hair with a chopstick wand is what made me the happiest and I guess nothing has changed…apart from the size of the barrel. I knew I wanted to fall into fashion & beauty industry but didn‘t know how. So a few years back I started my blog and Instagram account.

I’m currently drafting this and it’s just past midnight in my Christmas pyjamas (not the pair in the photos) from nearly a 100 years ago… Okay a little exaggeration never hurt nobody but just to give you an idea how horrendous they look – one night when someone unexpectedly came to our house I sprinted to hide and nearly knocked myself out. Anyway I‘m wearing them because it has become a tradition for my tanning routine. I have just applied a layer of one of my favourite tans, of course it’s Bellamianta Dark Rapid Mousse. I think there is nothing better than waking up in the morning with a golden glow without spending hours in the sun. Bellamianta tans are gentle on your skin as they only contain natural ingredients.

I believe it gives you that confidence boost we all crave. You have to agree no outfit is complete without a layer of tan. The best thing about the Dark Rapid Mousse is that you don’t have to sleep in it overnight unless you want a deep tan like myself. You can achieve a light tan after 2hrs or medium tan after 3 hrs. It’s perfect for those who do everything last minute *caugh caugh* #NotMe #Sarcasm.

It dries really quickly so I don’t have to wake up my husband in the middle of the night while trying to speed up the drying process.

Have you tried it? Do you have any questions? I’d love to hear from you as I have another blog post coming up very soon.


Speak soon


Ivona xo

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I just remembered I better hide the self tan bottle in case my two year old boy mistakes it for a foamy hand wash in the morning.

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