Create Flawless Glowing Skin for your Christmas Party!

The Christmas festivities are here, which means the work parties and family gatherings are soon to be in full swing! Here at Bellamianta HQ, we know how important it is to go to a party feeling your absolute best. So, what better way to start than with your skin and sunless tanning!

We’ve made it so getting a gorgeous glow with your fake tan has never been so easy with the few simple steps below:

1. Exfoliate

Before any great tan comes the preparation. Exfoliate your body from head to toe 24 hours before you plan on tanning. Using an oil-free exfoliator eliminates the risk of the tan becoming splotchy or fading unevenly so our Exfoliating Mitt is the perfect tool to aid your fake tan, with no oils; the mitt gently removes dead skin cells to ensure even coverage.

2. Shower

Shower half an hour before applying your tan, this enables your skin to return to its natural PH balance and allows time for your pores to close.

3. Moisturise

Sparingly apply an oil-free and fragrance-free lotion to your hands from your wrist to your fingertips, to the backs of your heels and to your elbows and knees. These areas tend to be dry and will absorb more pigment than other areas of your body, causing unevenness and the moisturiser creates a barrier to this.

4. The Mitt

Using your Bellamianta Luxury Mitt and your choice of Bellamianta Mousse or Lotion, distribute the self-tanner onto the Mitt evenly by applying it to the centre of your mitt. The Bellamianta Luxury Tanning Mitt is an ultra-smooth glove for flawless sunless tanning, the lotion proof barrier helps ensure that your hands remain stain free whilst your fake tan glides on seamlessly.

5. Application

Apply the mousse or lotion in circular motions to your skin, starting from your feet upwards. When it comes to your hands, to get the tanner in your knuckle creases, bend your fingers to make your hands look like a claw and apply across them. No one walks around the party with their hands straight all the time so make sure you get into all the nooks and crannies!

6. Aftercare

Bellamianta sunless tanning products dry in 60 seconds or less so don’t worry about waiting around for ages before you can pop your clothes on but try to avoid vigorous exercise for at least up to 6 hours and wash off the guide colour in 2-6 hours depending on the intensity you wish your tan to be.

Don’t forget to moisturise daily to lock in hydration and help your tan fade naturally and last throughout the Christmas celebrations! Our Gradual Self-Tanning Moisturiser is the perfect companion to keep that tan looking fresh throughout the festive season and before your next application!

Become the best self-tanner just in time for Christmas and ensure you’ll be heading to the ball with a streak-free, bronzed and even tan with Bellamianta’s top tips!

#BeBellaBronzed with Bellamianta!

Bellamianta believe in giving customers the best, healthiest and cleanest formulas without compromising on performance. The unique solution is free from Parabens, harsh chemicals, Sulphates, GMO’s, Parfume, Alcohol, Animal Derivatives, Petrochemicals and Silicones.

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