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#1. It is important to wax 48 hours or shave 24 hours before tanning to allow skin to recover and pores to close

#2. Exfoliate using a gentle exfoliate scrub and mitt , exfoliate thoroughly 24 hours before tanning. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the skins outermost layer to help ensure even coverage on application. After exfoliating moisturise your skin.

#3. Shower 30 minutes before application. This will enable your skin to return to its natural PH balance and allow time for your pores to close. Do not apply body lotion or deodorant before tanning. Make sure your underarms are deodorant free and avoid using any oil based products, as they can leave traces on the skin that can cause streaking.

#4. Apply moisturiser sparingly to the feet, back of the heel, elbows, cuticles and hands only. This will act as a barrier and prevent build up of tan on drier areas.


#5. Use a mitt to apply the tan. Bellamianta’s luxury tanning mitt is an ultra-smooth glove for seamless home tanning .The lotion proof barrier helps to ensure your hands remain stain free whilst your tan glides on evenly for the perfect self tan application.


#1. Avoid vigorous exercise for up to 6 hrs. Wash off the guide colour in 2-4 hrs for a natural medium tan. However is you want a deeper tan wash it off the next morning or after 4-6 hrs.

#2. Moisturise your tan every day to lock in hydration and help your tan to fade naturally.

#3. Exfoliate 4-5 days after application, this will remove any dead skin cells and help the tan fade off evenly. Oil based body washes will also help tan to wear of evenly.

#4. When showering or bathing pat skin dry with your towel, rigorous rubbing this will scrub off the tan.

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